Family Reading Time! A Book Recommendation.


I Feel Better with a Frog in My Throat: History’s Strangest Cures by Carlyn Beccia
(published 2010)

After seeing this book mentioned recently by another blogger (thank you, Bookish!), I just knew I had to grab a copy at my local library.

What a treat!

In I Feel Better with a Frog in My Throat, author Carlyn Beccia takes us through the wild and wacky history of medicine by offering a quiz of sorts, complete with hilarious illustrations.

Which of the following helped cure coughs — caterpillar fungus, frog soup, or cherry bark? For a series of different ailments, we get a choice of cures, and then turn the page to see how they were used, by whom and when, and whether they worked a little, a lot, or not at all.

Can mummy powder help a wound to heal? How about maggots? Or maybe some puppy kisses? The answers might surprise you.

This book is a real multi-generational treat. I happened to bring it home from the library on a day when we had a full house. Before I knew it, I was reading this book, game show style, with various family members ranging from age 12 to 70. We giggled, we got grossed out, and we also learned something!

By the way, I was proud to show off my mad healing skills, thanks to my devoted (some might say obsessive) reading of the Outlander series. Thanks to Claire Fraser, I know all about uses of moldy bread, leeches, and spider webs!

If you have kids around the house — or even if you don’t — check out this book for some fun facts and silly learning.

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