Review Policy

All book reviews on Bookshelf Fantasies are honest expressions of my own opinions. I review a mix of books that are either purchased, borrowed (library), or ARCs. All reviews indicate the source of the book. 

As of November 2019, I have a 5-star ranking system in place:

  • 5 Stars: Loved it. Wouldn’t change a thing.
  • 4 Stars: Really enjoyed it. A great read.
  • 3 Stars: I liked it. It was fine.
  • 2 Stars: Not so great. I finished it, but didn’t really like it.
  • 1 Star: Didn’t enjoy it at all. I’m sorry I bothered.

Note: Review posted prior to 2019 are text only, without ratings.

I also have a sort-of rating system to describe the “steam factor” when it comes to romance books. (Read more about it, here):

  • Sweet: Kissing, cuddling, clothes on. Think Hallmark movie dating scene — cute, innocent, lightly flirty.
  • Suggestive: The flirtation becomes more physical — make-out scenes, caresses, breathlessness, mostly clothed action, driving each other crazy. Getting hot, but not seriously heavy.
  • Steamy: Bedroom scenes, but from a more zoomed out perspective. We know enough to know what’s going on — actions, positions, interactions, clothing removal — but no camera lens up close and personal.
  • Graphic: Anatomical detail; everything is shown.

Comments? Suggestions? Critiques? I’m all ears.

One thought on “Review Policy

  1. Love your site and what you’re doing.
    Would love if you reviewed The Merlin Chronicles: Revelations
    Can send ARC – we release book world-wide 12/12/12
    Let me know how to proceed.
    Thank you

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