The Monday Check-In ~ 6/28/2021


My Monday tradition, including a look back and a look ahead — what I read last week, what new books came my way, and what books are keeping me busy right now. Plus a smattering of other stuff too.


Another busy workweek… with not a ton of reading time. Sigh.

What did I read during the last week?

The World Gives Way by Marissa Levien: Surprising and fascinating. My review is here.

Skye Falling by Mia McKenzie: Entertaining contemporary fiction — my review is here.

A Single Thread by Tracy Chevalier: My book group’s pick for June. My review is here.

Pop culture & TV:

My son and I finished our on-again, off-again rewatch of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. We watched in chronological order — gotta say, it was quite fun to watch them all again, and I realized that I’d forgotten a ton of the details. Now I’m all ready for TV Loki and for the release of Black Widow next month!

Puzzle of the Week:

I actually finished two this week! (Hmm, maybe that’s why I didn’t have much reading time…)

This one was super fun:

And I really enjoyed this one too:

Fresh Catch:

I treated myself to a bunch of books this week — just couldn’t resist some of the Prime Day deals!

What will I be reading during the coming week?

Currently in my hands:

The Witness for the Dead by Katherine Addison: A short-ish novel set in the world of The Goblin Emperor. I haven’t gotten very far just yet, but I love being in this world.

Now playing via audiobook:

Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell: The 3rd Simon Snow book comes out next week, which means it’s time for me to re-read #2! I just started this audiobook yesterday, and I’m already loving getting back to Simon and Baz.

Ongoing reads:

Outlander Book Club is doing a speed-re-read of Written in My Own Heart’s Blood, #8 in the Outlander series. We’re reading and discussing 5 chapters per week. Let me know if you want to join in — the more, the merrier! This week: Chapters 41 – 45.

So many books, so little time…


13 thoughts on “The Monday Check-In ~ 6/28/2021

  1. I’m finishing up Witness for the Dead today. It’s very good, although I’m wondering if it would have been better to read the Goblin Emperor first.

  2. Loved both the puzzles. I keep telling myself to buy a +1000 piece set soon but I think secretly I worry I’ll never be able to complete it, haha. Witness for the Dead is on my TBR too, let’s swap notes soon!

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