Update: Spring cleaning for the Book Blog Meme Directory (all done!)

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Whew! That was fun!

I mentioned on Thursday that I planned to do some housekeeping on the Book Blog Meme Directory page. I intended to go through the directory, test out each link, and update anything that needed updating. I figured I’d tackle it in small bites, maybe just trying out a handful each day until I finished.

Whoops. Nothing like having an obsessive need to finish things to move a project along!

I sat down to work on it earlier this afternoon… and here, I am, two hours later, with tired fingers but a big smile of accomplishment. I’m done!

I checked out every directory listing, and archived every one I found that was no longer current. For some, the host blog was still active, but I didn’t see any recent meme posts (as in, not for months or even years). For some, I could find the blog but couldn’t find anything related to the meme. And for others, the entire blog seemed to be gone, or there was a final blog post saying that the blog would no longer be active.

That’s blogging, I guess. Things come, things go!

Never fear: Nothing from the Book Blog Meme Directory is gone forever. I’ve saved all of the details and images, and can reinstate any of the entries if needed. If you host one of the deleted meme entries, just get in touch (my Contact page is really the best way) and let me know your updated details. If you’re not the host but happen to know some relevant information (like the meme was adopted by a different blog, switched names, etc), please let me know!

Here’s a list of the 32 (!!!) meme entries that I’ve archived as of now:

Day Name of Meme Hosted by
Monday Music Monday Total Book Geek
Monday Middle Grade Monday Jordan’s Jewels
Monday Pay Day Book Haul After the Book Hangover
Monday Rambling Monday The Realm of Books
Monday Mangaka Monday The Fujoshi Reads
Monday Monday Recommendations Bookshelves & Paperbacks
Tuesday Top Off Tuesday Smitten With Reading
Wednesday Winning Wednesdays Write Note Reviews
Wednesday Way Back Wednesday A Well Read Woman
Thursday Quote Me Thursday Daily Mayo
Thursday Third Sentence Thursday That’s What She Read
Thursday Characterize It The YA Book Butterfly
Thursday Thirsty Thursdays Lazy Book Lovers
Friday Friday Favorites Tressa’s Wishful Endings
Friday Keen Cover Friday Keepbooked
Friday Friday Favourites Book Lover’s Life
Friday Five Friday Favourites Book Badger
Friday Falling Behind on Friday Moirae (the Fates) Book Reviews
Friday Fast Five Friday Reader Noir
Friday Free Time Fridays Eat Up My Free Time
Saturday Swoon Worthy Saturday Stay Bookish
Saturday Bookish Project Happiness Keepbooked
Saturday Hot Scot Saturday Leila Reads
Saturday Do Judge a Book By Its Cover The Book Magpie
Sunday Sunday Shout-Out Write Note Reviews
Sunday Bought, Borrowed & Bagged Talk Supe
Sunday Summary Sunday The Fujoshi Reads
Weekly/Monthly Peek Into My Postbox Fire and Ice
Weekly/Monthly Weekend Reads Escape Reality Through Books & Bookaholic-ness
Weekly/Monthly Quoteable Thursdays Mo Books
Weekly/Monthly Turn Right Down School Lane Trips Down Imagination Road
Weekly/Monthly Monthly Most Wanted Kit ‘N Kabookle



Don’t worry! This may look like a lot, but there are still plenty left! So if you’re looking for a fun new meme to try out, come check out the Book Blog Meme Directory page and visit any of the 40+ memes currently listed.

As always, new memes are welcome! Just send me the info via my Contact page, and I’ll be glad to add a listing to the Directory.

Happy blogging to all!

9 thoughts on “Update: Spring cleaning for the Book Blog Meme Directory (all done!)

  1. Wow, I had no idea there were so many! And active, too. But I thought Thursday Quotables was hosted by you? Was that a typo, or have I been linking my posts to the wrong page this whole time? (Whoops)

    • Thursday Quotables is definitely my meme, and I love hosting it! But then when I work on the directory and other people ask me to add their own memes that are similar, I try to switch hats and not NOT include theirs just because I already have one. 🙂 If that makes a lick of sense…

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