Thursday Quotables: Eragon


Welcome back to Thursday Quotables! This weekly feature is the place to highlight a great quote, line, or passage discovered during your reading each week.ย  Whether it’s something funny, startling, gut-wrenching, or just really beautifully written, Thursday Quotables is where my favorite lines of the week will be, and you’re invited to join in!

Eragon by Christopher Paolini
(published 2002)

“Before your grandfathers’ fathers were born, and yea, even before their fathers, the Dragon Riders were formed. To protect and guard was their mission, and for thousands of years they succeeded. Their prowess in battle was unmatched, for each had the strength of ten men. They were immortal unless blade or poison took them. For good only were their powers used, and under their tutelage tall cities and towers were built out of the living stone. While they kept peace, the land flourished. It was a golden time. The elves were our allies, the dwarves our friends. Wealth flowed into our cities, and men prospered. But weep… for it could not last.”

What lines made you laugh, cry, or gasp this week? Do tell!

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5 thoughts on “Thursday Quotables: Eragon

  1. Oh Eragon. Are you a big fan? I made the mistake of listening to an audio book version with an incredibly annoying reader. Or, well, just a reader who made the main character sound incredibly annoying. It was hard to get through, not liking the main character. Did you read it on paper? Was your impression different?

    Anyway, I shared a quote today too, from Flex by Ferrett Steinmetz. Part of my ongoing examination of novel’s first lines, which is a pet obsession of mine.

    • I wouldn’t say I’m a big fan of Eragon — I’ve only read about 70 pages so far! Having an annoying narrator can completely ruin an audiobook — too bad. I’m reading this one on paper with my son, and we’re enjoying it so far. I don’t think I’d want to read it on my own, but since my kiddo is into the story, I’m fine with it too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. So, I’m very curious. Do you like Eragon?
    I read it a few years ago, and I really didn’t like it. Knew from the second sentence I wasn’t going to like it, but read it anyway… and didn’t like it.

    I found it a mish-mash of Tolkien-reaped ideas and a lot of RPG structure that doesn’t really work for a story, in my opinion, I didn’t connect with the characters, I never felt a sense of progression, and when I came to the end… it just ended in a random place, without any conclusion (but this is the nature of RPG storytelling).

    So, tell me, what do you think of the book? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Well, whether I like it is a loaded question! I completely see all of your points. I probably wouldn’t be reading it on my own for all of those reasons, and the writing often feels like the author’s trying too hard to use big words to make it all sound more mythical and weighty. (I suppose I can accept that, given that the author wrote this book in his teens.) For me, though, I was looking for a book to share with my son, and this one seems to have caught his attention. So, all in all, I’m enjoying the reading experience with him at this point (we’re about 70 pages into it), even if I see flaws in the storytelling. It’s too soon for me to really know how I’ll feel once we get farther or if we’ll want to continue the series, but for now, my kiddo and I are having fun, which is what matters to me!

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