The Monday agenda 5/13/2013

MondayAgendaNot a lofty, ambitious to-be-read list consisting of 100+ book titles. Just a simple plan for the upcoming week — what I’m reading now, what I plan to read next, and what I’m hoping to squeeze in among the nooks and crannies.

How did I do with last week’s agenda?

Considering I was sick in bed with a nasty cold most of the week, I did pretty well with my reading plans. Accomplished in the past week:

The Shadowy Horses by Susanna Kearsley: Done! My review is here.

The Theory of Everything by J. J. Johnson: Done! My review is here.

The Magician’s Nephew by C. S. Lewis: Finished this read-aloud with my son. Our thoughts are here.

Read but not reviewed:

I went on a graphic novel bender, reading three books in the Mercy Thompson series and two books in the Alpha & Omega series, all based on novels by Patricia Briggs. I enjoyed the Mercy graphic novels very much; the Alpha & Omega books fell a bit flat for me, particularly because of the cartoonish illustrations.

Also finished: My read-through of Much Ado About Nothing (c’mon, you know who the author is!). I ended up doing a quick read on my Kindle during my sick days. I’m not sure how much I truly absorbed — but it was enough to feel like I had a better familiarity with the plot and the characters. And now I can’t wait to see the movie version AGAIN when it comes out in June. (For more on the Much Ado movie, click here.)

Fresh Catch:

So first of all, this arrived this week — all 700 pages of it:

I also returned a bunch of library books, and as per usual, came home with more. But only two this time, and one is a tour book, so I consider that a win!

And in other news highlighting my amazing powers of self-restraint, I went into an adorable used book store over the weekend and didn’t buy a thing! (Of course, I didn’t see anything that I actually wanted, but that’s beside the point.)

What’s on my reading agenda for the coming week?

Gotta finish NOS4A2. I’m about 400 pages into it — and it is by far the creepiest, most twisted thing I’ve read in ages. I came close to putting it down and picking up something lighter — you know, with kitties or rainbows — but I managed to keep going. Joe Hill is an amazing writer, but geez, this is a disturbing book.

I’m not sure what I’ll end up picking up next — I’m thinking either The Dead Fathers Club by Matt Haig or A Tale For The Time Being by Ruth Ozeki.

Meanwhile, my son and I are pressing ahead with our Narnia read, and have started The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.

So many book, so little time…

That’s my agenda. What’s yours? Add your comments to share your bookish agenda for the week.

4 thoughts on “The Monday agenda 5/13/2013

  1. Oooh I’m reading NOS4A2 as well! I’m about halfway through… it’s crazy. lol Really good to know that The Firebird includes characters from The Shadowy Horses and The Winter Sea! Might be wise for me to read both before The Firebird. Glad I didn’t request it now since I have to read both still. 🙂

    • NOS4A2 has been freaking me out on and off all week. Probably didn’t help that I started reading it while I was sick and my head was all swimmy. I need a refresher on The Winter Sea before I read The Firebird — I think I’ve lost track of the details at this point, since I’ve read 4 books by the same author in the last year or so.

  2. I’m going to finish The Flame Alphabet, and start one of the other hundreds of books clamouring for my attention. I just got all of Fables (so far) so that might be a huge time suck.

  3. How is The Flame Alphabet? That’s one that I meant to read, but never got around to. I LOVE Fables. When I first picked up all the volumes, I thought I’d take a moderate approach and read one a week, spread it out, savor it… but no. Read #1 – #17 pretty much straight through. A big time suck — but so worth it.

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