Q&A with the kiddo: A kid’s-eye view of…

Book Review: The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles by Julie Edwards

(Mom’s squeal: That’s JULIE ANDREWS, by the way! How can you go wrong with a book written  by Mary Poppins??)

From Amazon:

The Whangdoodle was once the wisest, the kindest, and the most extraordinary creature in the world. Then he disappeared and created a wonderful land for himself and all the other remarkable animals — the ten-legged Sidewinders, the little furry Flukes, the friendly Whiffle Bird, and the treacherous, “oily” Prock. It was an almost perfect place where the last of the really great Whangdoodles could rule his kingdom with “peace, love and a sense of fun”– apart from and forgotten by people.

But not completely forgotten. Professor Savant believed in the Whangdoodle. And when he told the three Potter children of his search for the spectacular creature, Lindy, Tom, and Ben were eager to reach Whangdoodleland.

With the Professor’s help, they discovered the secret way. But waiting for them was the scheming Prock, who would use almost any means to keep them away from his beloved king. Only by skill and determination were the four travelers able to discover the last of the really great Whangdoodles and grant him his heart’s desire.

Proudly presenting this week’s book review, courtesy of my 10-year-old son: Q&A with the kiddo!

In which I ask my kiddo to describe a book he’s enjoyed recently and he gives his opinions, more or less unfiltered by mom. The kiddo’s big sister picked this one out to read to him at bedtime, and it was a huge success. I think he would have liked the book anyway, but certainly the added bonus of quality time with his favorite non-parental person was a big plus.

Without further ado — Q&A with the kiddo:

Q: What book did you read this week?

A: The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles

Q: What was it about?

A: It’s about these kids who went to the zoo once. They were talking about what’s the most unique animal that they know. This guy came up and said “I think it’s a whangdoodle”. They asked him what a whangdoodle is and he said that it’s sort of like a moose that can change color and has a sweet tooth. The tooth has flowers and stuff on it. They became friends. The children went home and talked about him. One of the kids said, “I don’t believe you.” The scientist said, “Go look it up in the dictionary” and it was there. Then it was Halloween. The kids went to whangdoodle land and met the last whangdoodle. The kids were bragging about the scientist and they brought him back to whangdoodle land and he made another whangdoodle. Then they went back home.

Q: What do the Whangdoodles look like?

Sort of like a moose with giant antlers. They can change colors with their feelings or whenever they want to. They also have a really sweet tooth with flowers on it. They can also take the shapes of other objects.

Q: Did you like the book?

A: Yes. A lot. One of the best books I ever read.

Q: Who are the main characters?

A: Ben, Lindy, Tom, the professor, and the Prock. The Prock is the prime minister. He looks like a human. Also, the whangdoodles.

Q: Can you tell me something funny from the book?

A: The way they say I love you is “umbeldumbeldum”.

Q: Would you want to read more by this author?

A: Depends on what the book is about.

Q: Was this a good reading level for you?

A: My sister read it to me. I didn’t understand everything, but for the words I didn’t understand I asked her. I probably could have read it on my own, but it would have taken me a year.

Q: Who do you think should read this book?

A: You (that means me, good old mom). Kids my age or maybe a year older. Kids who like adventures, intense stories, or stories about creatures would like it.

So there you have it. We’ll be back with more book opinions from my kiddo, whenever I can get him to talk books again.

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