Need some bookish excitement? There are TWO new October Daye books coming this fall!

Okay, I guess my header probably says it all…

I’m absolutely delighted to have stumbled across the news today that the next TWO books in Seanan McGuire’s excellent October Daye series will be released this fall.

Seanan McGuire is an incredibly prolific author (I swear, she either never sleeps or has a secret writing clone). In a typical year, there are new volumes in three ongoing series, and there are always other books coming out too — stand-alones, novellas, or features in anthologies (not to mention a new Patreon story ever month). As a devoted fan, I feel blessed!

But I guess I haven’t followed the truly important news as closely as I should have, because apparently this amazingness was announced over a month ago.

Book #17, Sleep No More, will be released September 5th:

The 17th novel of the Hugo-nominated, New York Times bestselling October Daye urban fantasy series.

October is very happy with her life as the second daughter of her pureblood parents, Amandine and Simon Torquill. Born to be the changeling handmaid to her beloved sister August, she spends her days working in her family’s tower, serving as August’s companion, and waiting for the day when her sister sets up a household of her own. Everything is right in October’s Faerie. Everything is perfect.

Everything is a lie.

October has been pulled from her own reality and thrown into a twisted reinterpretation of Faerie where nothing is as it should be and everything has been distorted to support Titania’s ideals. Bound by the Summer Queen’s magic and thrust into a world turned upside down, October has no way of knowing who she can trust, where she can turn, or even who she really is. As strangers who claim to know her begin to appear and the edges of Titania’s paradise begin to unravel, Toby will have to decide whether she can risk everything she knows based on only their stories of another world.

But first she’ll have to survive this one, as Titania demonstrates why she needed to be banished in the first place—and this time, much more than Toby’s own life is at stake.

And #18, The Innocent Sleep, released October 24th.

The 18th novel of the Hugo-nominated, New York Times bestselling October Daye urban fantasy series.

For one bright, shining moment, Tybalt, King of Cats, had everything he had ever wanted. He was soon to set his crown aside; he had married the woman he loved; he was going to be a father. After centuries of searching for a family of his own, he had finally found a way to construct the life of his dreams, and was looking forward to a period of peace—or at least as much peace as is ever in the offing for the husband of a hero.

Alas for Tybalt and his domestic aspirations, fate—and Titania—had other ideas. His perfect world had been complete for only a moment when it was ripped away, to be replaced by hers. Titania, Faerie’s Summer Queen, Mother of Illusions and enemy of so many he holds dear, has seized control of the Kingdom, remaking it in her own image. An image which does not include meddlesome shapeshifters getting in her way. Tybalt quickly finds himself banished from her reality, along with the Undersea and the rest of the Court of Cats.

To protect his people and his future, Tybalt must find the woman he loves in a world designed to keep her from him, convince her that he’s not a stranger trying to ruin her life for no apparent reason, and get her to unmake the illusion she’s been firmly enmeshed in. And he’ll have to do it all while she doesn’t know him, and every unrecognizing look is a knife to his heart.

For Tybalt, King of Cats, the happily ever after was just the beginning.

According to this article, the two books tell two different sides of the same series of events — one is from Toby’s perspective, the other from Tybalt’s. And I am so freakin’ excited! (Note: the article link includes an excerpt, which I’m not reading, because I don’t want to experience any of it in advance — I’m waiting to have these books in my hands!)

Anyone else bubbling over with joy right now???

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