All the books I meant to read – 2022 edition

It’s time for my annual end-of-year tradition — all the books I meant to read! Here’s a look back at all the books I purchased in 2022, but just didn’t get around to reading for one reason or another.

And… oops… I did manage to order a few more that are set to arrive later this week, but I’ll just go ahead and consider them 2023 purchases!

When it comes to physical books, I seem to have improved my track record during this past year! I bought fewer hard copies overall, and of the ones I did buy, I actually read quite a few (so they’re not included in this post).

In past years, this round-up post only included physical books (hardcovers and paperbacks), but I thought it might be fun (or embarrassing or daunting or overwhelming…) to also include all the e-books I added to my Kindle library but haven’t read yet.

Here’s a salute to my unread books of 2022!

First, the hardcovers and paperbacks:

And now, the Kindle books purchased in 2022. (In my defense, I tend to grab books I’m interested in when I see a good price drop… so most of these were deals that I snatched up, not necessarily books that I intended to read immediately and then just didn’t get to). My 2022 e-books:


So, if I prioritized reading all of these 2022 book purchases in 2023… that would take up most of the year! I’ll give it a fair shot — and will try to stick to just buying the books I know I’ll read right away.

Have you read (and loved) any of my 2022 “meant-to-read” books? Please let me know if you see any you’d consider best of the bunch!

Onward to 2023! Happy New Year!Save

16 thoughts on “All the books I meant to read – 2022 edition

  1. I’m not a time travel reader at all, but I’ve enjoyed each of the Before the Coffee Gets Cold series books. I’ll finish the third late this week. I hope you enjoy that one at least. Lots of good sound books here though.

    • It’s kind of daunting, isn’t it? And these are just my 2023 purchases — I have so many more to get through! Since I have a few days off this week, I think I’ll go ahead with a bookshelf purge so I can at least start the new year feeling like I accomplished something. 🙂

  2. I don’t really keep track of my purchases, but maybe I should start! My list would be as long as yours, I’m sure. The Hacienda is one I really wanted to get to as well.

    • I always have such good intentions when I buy books… and then look what happens! I’m trying to cut way back on ARCs going forward, so hopefully I’ll spend more time enjoying books I already own. (Of course, I’ve said that before… 🙂 )

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