Just For Fun: A wonderful Austen puzzle!

The World of Jane Austen Jigsaw Puzzle
1000 Pieces
Laurence King Publishing

In book-adjacent news… I just completed this wonderful puzzle, and had such a good time with it that I had to share!

The fact that I loved it isn’t exactly a surprise — last year, I did a Shakespeare-themed puzzle from the same company, and it was fabulous too.

In the Jane Austen puzzle, the colors are vibrant, the pictures are detailed, and as you drill in, you see that the design includes characters from Jane Austen’s novels, as well as the houses, estates, and towns of her stories, and even certain specifics moments (such as Willoughby carrying Marianne after she twists her ankle (Sense and Sensibility) and Louisa jumping from the Cobb in Lyme Regis (Persuasion).

The puzzle quality is terrific too. I hate a shoddy puzzle — flimsy or badly cut pieces, or pieces that don’t snap into place or could fit in multiple places. Fortunately, this one is well-made, with sturdy pieces, no fraying, and a clean, crisp click when placed just right. For a puzzle fanatic, it’s just so, so satisfying to hear that click!

Note: As usual, my photography skills are sorely lacking. Trust me, the puzzle is much brighter and prettier in person!

The puzzle comes with a fold-out poster with a clear view of the total picture, and on the back, a guide to all the characters and details hidden in the puzzle. I definitely would have missed some without it!

Zooming in for a closer look at some of the details:

I have my eye on two more puzzles from this company: The World of Charles Dickens and The World of Dracula. I’ll hold off and order them when I need something to boost my mood for the day. Any of these puzzles would make great gifts for book lovers… or a nice way to treat yourself — you know you deserve it!

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