Just For Fun: My new favorite puzzle!

The World of Shakespeare Jigsaw Puzzle
1000 Pieces
Laurence King Publishing

Departing from talking about books, books, and more books for a moment…

If you read my Monday Check-In posts, you may have noticed that I’ve become obsessed with jigsaw puzzles. Spending a year locked in your house will do that to a person!

I need to take a few beats to rave about how much I loved the puzzle I did this week. It’s The World of Shakespeare, and it’s wonderful.

This 1000-piece puzzle is bright, colorful, and highly detailed, pulling together different parts of the geography of Shakespeare’s time and world. But if you look closely, it also includes people and settings from both the historical time period and from Shakespeare’s plays — so you can find Romeo and Juliet, King Lear, Caliban, and so many more. Some are pretty obvious, some are hidden among tons of other characters and features. It’s so much fun!

Note: Please excuse my shoddy photography. Next hobby goal: Learning to take decent photos!

Ta da! Finished after 3 mad days of obsessive puzzling…

The puzzle comes with a large-sized illustration to use as a guide… and what I really loved is that the back of the illustration zooms in and provides explanation of key people and places. I definitely would not have gotten them all otherwise!

The puzzle pieces themselves are sturdy, small (but not too small), and click together really well. There’s nothing worse than a shoddy puzzle — this one is terrific quality.

Zooming in for more detailed views:

If you’re a fan of Shakespeare, jigsaw puzzles, or both, I can’t recommend this puzzle highly enough! This company also has a World of Sherlock Holmes puzzle (which I’ll skip, since I’m not a Sherlock fan) — and one I can’t wait to get, the World of Jane Austen! My Austen puzzle should be arriving this month, and I’m sure I’ll be attacking it the second it gets here.

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15 thoughts on “Just For Fun: My new favorite puzzle!

  1. Oh, wow! I’m totally in love! I see that the company has similar puzzles but titled “The World of Jane Austen” and “The World of Sherlock Holmes”! I don’t think I will be able to resist, thanks for sharing (and your photography is good)!

  2. Wow, Lisa! I am not sure I could do a puzzle like that. Do you have a designated table just for puzzles? We have so little clear surface area at our house, I’m wondering where I would work on it. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    • I spent most of the past year doing puzzles on our coffee table, except for a few oversized ones that I had to do on our dining room table (which annoyed the rest of my family). About a month ago, I finally bought a folding card table that’s just the right size for puzzles! I have it taking up space in the living room for now, but if we have guests or need the space, I can fold it back up and store it in a closet. I love it!

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