All the books I meant to read – 2020 edition

It’s time for my annual end-of-year tradition — all the books I meant to read! Here’s a look back at all the books I purchased in 2020, but just didn’t get around to reading for one reason or another.

To keep things simple, I’m focusing here on new physical books I bought or received as gifts — no ARCs, no e-books, no $1 books from the library sale or used copies picked up along the way.

Here’s a salute to my unread books of 2020!



12 thoughts on “All the books I meant to read – 2020 edition

  1. Parable of the Sower is a great book. I bought a lot fewer books in 2020, thanks to the library. But I still own plenty of books I’d like to get to. I haven’t read Witcher but I’m enjoying the game. Happy reading in 2021!

    • I agree about Parable of the Sower! I’ve read it before, but this is the new(ish) graphic novel version, and even though I was dying to get it, I haven’t actually opened it yet. Glad you’re enjoying The Witcher game! I’m not a gamer at all, so I’m just waiting for season 2 of the TV series. 🙂

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