Top Ten Tuesday: Top ten bookish gifts I’d love to find by the light of my menorah (2019)


Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl , featuring a different top 10 theme each week. This week’s topic is Books I Hope to Find Under My Tree — but I switched it up a bit to reflect my holiday celebrations!

My TTT list is partially wish list items, and partially things I’d probably never buy myself, but would 100% be happy to have as gifts. (And yes, some of these are repeats from previous years. A reader can dream, can’t she?) Anyway, practically no one buys me books as gifts, because they all assume I already have ALL the books.

1. There are a few music biographies that I probably wouldn’t buy myself, but I’d love to receive as gifts:

2. I came across this adorable DIY bookstore craft kit. Doesn’t it look like fun? (Available to order via Signals catalog)

3. I love board games, so there are a bunch I might put on a wish list, but sticking with a bookish theme, I think this one looks perfect for book lovers:


4. These Penguin hardcovers have been on my want list for years:


5. This is a hold-over from previous years’ lists. I will always want this Pendleton blanket, but would never actually spend that kind of money on it. (Plus, I don’t think Pendleton is still making them, so good luck tracking one down!)

6. The October Daye series by Seanan McGuire is one of my very favorites, and this fall the first book, Rosemary & Rue, was reissued in hardcover with a bonus novella. And the fangirl in me absolutely wants a copy (even though I already own the paperback and the e-book).


7. Any fun, cute bookish accessory, like bookmarks, bookends, mugs, etc!

(Note: My daughter actually just gave me two of these items — the poster and the first lines mug — so I’m a very happy camper and a super blessed mom!)

8, 9, 10, and beyond: Books that I’d love to own, and have either (a) borrowed from the library, (b) read the e-book, (c) listened to the audiobook, or (d) recently added to my TBR list:

Wishing all a peaceful, joyous holiday season!




17 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top ten bookish gifts I’d love to find by the light of my menorah (2019)

  1. Hi Lisa – OMG I love those menorahs – how clever! Thanks for sharing your list, too. I read the David Bowie book and thought it was very good – he was such an icon and I will always remember a boy in my math class singing Changes one day. And that bookstore kit looks really fun. We gave my library boss a library kit that looked a lot like the one you picture here. Happy Holidays to you 🙂

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