All the books I meant to read – 2016 edition



Where did you go? You just whizzed on by, and I haven’t gotten to so many things I thought I’d do this year.

And by “things I thought I’d do”, I mean “books I thought I’d read”.

I thought I’d gotten much better about not buying books unless I’m sure I’ll read them… and yet, it’s somewhat embarrassing to look back at all the new books I bought this past year that I still haven’t cracked open.

Anyone who happens to read my “Monday Check-in” posts might be familiar with my “Fresh Catch” section, where I highlight the new books that came my way each week. When I look back at all of the Fresh Catch books from 2016, it’s pretty obvious that I am just not keeping up with my purchases!

But, hey. I WILL read these books. Eventually. I bought them because I wanted to read them, and I still do. More hours in a day, that’s what I need! Meanwhile, I thought I’d gather up all those Fresh Catch books from the year (excluding library books, ARCs, Kindle books, and books I picked up for $1 at the big library sale), and put together a visual reminder of all of those books I was so excited to get.

Here’s a salute to my unread books of 2016!



18 thoughts on “All the books I meant to read – 2016 edition

  1. As book lovers (addicts?), we’re all bound to have books we just couldn’t fit into this year. Tales of the Peculiar was one of mine as well. Here’s to a new year filled with more books! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yeeaaahhhh I don’t even want to compile a list because it’s likely jaw-dropping (but now I really do want to actually.) I did start keeping track of ebooks I bought (because in the past couple of years I’ve been a bloodhound for kindle deals) and how many I actually read… it wasn’t pretty. By my last calculations, over the course of the past year I purchased 62 ebooks and read just 22 of them. Lol I think I have a problem

    • See, that’s why I didn’t include any ebooks — I also keep snatching up good deals, but then they just sit there on my Kindle, calling my name. And I come up with bags full of books every time our library has a sale. I think we all have the same problem. Let’s start a support group!

  3. Great post! I think if I were to compile the books I bought this year but didn’t read, it would be a little sad! Such a good idea though! I may do it anyway 🙂
    Thank you for sharing 🙂
    Kim @ booksarelove

  4. I love the idea of this post (and very cery cute feature picture too). I feel that I can help you out here; don’t bother with Eligible. I say that although I haven’t actually read it! It’s the only book that I have reviewed without reading. My friend did, and her reaction to it was enough to put me off for life!

    • Thank you! Too bad about your friend’s reaction to Eligible! I’ve been reading all of the Austen Project books so far. It seems like Austen just doesn’t translate very well to the 21st century, unfortunately. I’m still planning to read Eligible — I’ve heard really mixed things, and I’ll keep your warning in mind!

  5. I’m right there with you! I have over 900 books that I own on my tbr-most are physical about 200 are ebooks and I really need to do something about it next year! When I look at the numbers it scares me but I know I can catch up with some effort so I intend to work hard next year!

    • Ugh, those numbers sound too familiar! About a year ago, I did an inventory and made all sorts of plans to do a monthly count, work on reducing my numbers, etc — but after only 2 months, I decided it was making my reading much less fun to always have to worry about statistics. 🙂 Still, I’d like to get at least a bit more caught up!

      • I feel you, I actually started with the second novel not realizing it was a trilogy and to be honest I loved reading it that way. I don’t know the first book didn’t do what the second book did, which was wow me. But the whole trilogy was super good!

    • Ha, you have to bear in mind that I’m NOT including Kindle purchases, ARCs, and the 40 or so books I grabbed at our annual library sale. 🙂 I did better at self-restraint than in previous years, but my unread books shelves are really scary. 🙂

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