Outlander Rewatch: Episodes 115 & 116, “Wentworth Prison” and “To Ransom A Man’s Soul”

Wrapping up the season!

This is going to be a two-in-one post. covering episodes 115 & 116. With only a few days until the start of season 2, it’s time to wrap up my Outlander rewatch!

OL rewatch

Outlander, Season 1, Episode 15: “Wentworth Prison”

Outlander, Season 1, Episode 16: “To Ransom A Man’s Soul”



Thoughts and Highlights:

You don’t actually expect me to write a recap of these two episodes as if they’re just TV shows like any others, do you?

I can’t. I just can’t.

These final two episodes are two parts of a whole, showing monumental events that forever change Jamie and Claire.

The events of these two episodes are full of horror and despair, pain and torment, rescue and redemption. My admiration for the entire cast knows no bounds. Their bravery and commitment is evident in every scene, in every expression and movement. There’s a raw honesty here that is breathtaking, even in the most horrible of moments.

From the opening moments, as Jamie faces death upon the gallows:


… to the gorgeous closing shot, as Jamie and Claire sail into their future:


… the episodes are stunning and unforgettable.

I’m grateful that the episodes, and the season, end with such a glorious, visually arresting, emotionally uplifting set of images.

Start to finish, season 1 of Outlander remained true to the overall story arcs of the book, as well as to the beloved characters, while infusing the adaptation with life and a perspective of its own. From the strong female character at its center to the journey into Highland culture to the heart of a passionate love story, Outlander has gone from strength to strength, never missing a beat.

The amazing cast, crew, and production team have pulled off a remarkable achievement.

And needless to say, I’m counting the minutes at this point until the start of season 2.

Diana Gabaldon has written eight marvelous books in the Outlander series so far, plus a terrific assortments of related novels and novellas, and she’s working on book 9. I’ll always love the books above all else — but damn, the Starz TV series is making me fall head over heels in love as well.

Here’s to Starz, Ron Moore, Diana Gabaldon, Terry Dresbach, and the fantastic stars of Outlander! Wishing them (and us) many more seasons of Outlandish bliss.

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