The Monday Check-In ~ 3/7/2016

cooltext1850356879 My Monday tradition, including a look back and a look ahead — what I read last week, what new books came my way, and what books are keeping me busy right now. Plus a smattering of other stuff too.

What did I read last week?

The TravelersThe GiverFortunately the Milk

The Travelers by Chris Pavone: Terrific spy thriller. My review is here.

The Giver by Lois Lowry: My son just finished reading this for school and loved it — and since I barely remembered it from when I first read it years ago, I decided to do a re-read. It’s been great being able to share it with the kiddo, and now I want to continue the series!

Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman: A very silly, very funny book that would make a terrific read-loud for kids of all ages.

Elsewhere on the blog:

I started my Outlander rewatch! My episode 1 post is here. Stay tuned for more!

OL rewatch

Pop culture goodness:

Saturday was a rainy, gusty day here, so I spent the day indoors reading and watching movies. My family and I watched “Creed”, which was surprisingly good. I can see why Sylvester Stallone was nominated for his role in the movie — this older, sadder version of Rocky was actually pretty moving. Then, on my own (while the males of the family were busy watching UFC), I watched “Room”. I read the book a few years ago, and thought the movie did a really good job of showing the world through the eyes of the 5-year-old and capturing the emotional intensity of the book.

In TV viewing, this past weekend saw the finales of two very different shows. My household will definitely miss Mythbusters, which is always a good bet for fun, laughs, and nerdy, explosive science — although I suppose it’ll live on forever in re-runs. And then there was the series finale of Downton Abbey. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Downton Abbey for at least the last couple of seasons, but overall, I was pleased to see it end with happiness for all. Even poor Edith!

Fresh Catch:

A few new books came my way:

UprootedVersions of UsUnderside of Joy

I’ve already read Uprooted (and loved it — check out my review), but didn’t own a copy. The paperback just came out last week, and I had to have it!

New release arriving this week:

The new Mercy Thompson book comes out on Tuesday!!! No matter what else I have going on, I’ll be dropping everything the second this lands on my doorstep:

Fire Touched

What will I be reading during the coming week?

Currently in my hands:
Fall of Poppies

Fall of Poppies, a collection of stories by various authors, all set during World War I. I’m starting this collection now, knowing that I’ll take a break as soon as Fire Touched arrives.

Now playing via audiobook:

Blood Will Tell

I love the Kate Shugak series! I should have finished #6 already, except my listening time has been majorly curtailed because I hurt my knee, and therefore I’m doing less walking, and therefore spending less time listening to audiobooks. Argh. Yet another reason that being injured sucks!

Ongoing reads:


My book group is reading and discussing two chapter per week of both Written in My Own Heart’s Blood by Diana Gabaldon and Emma by Jane Austen. This is an online group, and anyone is welcome to join us — so if you’re interested, just ask me how!

So many books, so little time…


8 thoughts on “The Monday Check-In ~ 3/7/2016

    • Maybe I’ll pick up the audiobook too, if the library has it available! I’ve listened to a few of his audiobooks, and think he’s a wonderful narrator.

    • Have you read the book? I thought the movie was really powerful, but I was much more emotionally wrecked from the book. Neil Gaiman’s kids books are great! He has a few picture books as well. The one I just read is about middle grade reader level, I think.

    • I’m excited to read it! But I should keep better notes — I know I read about it on someone’s blog and thought it sounded great. Maybe yours? I have to do better at remembering who recommended which books. 🙂

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