TV Time: Yippee for Spring!

2016 is here, and so much TV amazingness is on its way!

First of all, I was tickled pink and purple by the return of two very different shows last weekend. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Downton Abbey over the years, but there’s just no way I’ll miss the final season. Season 6 premiered in the US last Sunday:


Also last Sunday? On a completely different note, it was the ultra-silly return of Gallavant! If you enjoy random singing, surprising guest stars, and Python-esque humor, check it out!


But wait! There’s so much more exciting TV on the way. Here are my can’t-wait top 6 picks for spring:

January 19th: Agent Carter, season 2! Season 1 was so much better than I had expected, and the trailers for season 2 look like such fun:


January 23rd: The return of Black Sails (season 3):


In March, it’s season 4 of The Americans on FX:



And then… oh boy… here comes April, with:

Game of Thrones, season 6 – premieres April 24:


Turn, season 3 – premieres April 25:

Turn s3


And last, because last is best and amazing and awesome… no firm date yet other than April, but that’s good enough to keep me going for the next few months: The return of Outlander! Season 2 is on its way, and it looks gorgeous:


What shows are you most looking forward to in the next few months? Are any of my top picks on your list?

24 thoughts on “TV Time: Yippee for Spring!

  1. I love Downton Abbey but haven’t watched it in ages, really need to start watching it again, will probably start at the start again. I live in the UK, so probably have some different shows. I do watch most of my shows on netflix or amazon. I LOVE Doc Martin and cannot wait to watch all of it again. Never watched Black sails but it looks good!!

  2. I have still not caught up with season 1 of agent carter, and I’ve heard such good things! I’m glad someone else is excited for Galavant- I didn’t like the ending, but as I was recently lamenting, “there aren’t a lot of singing Knights shows to choose from!”

  3. I love Galavant! It’s my favourite show of the moment, I have this thing for Timothy Omundson and when they announced season 1 I thought it was going to be a drama or something; and then came the trailer *snort* was a bit wrong there! Such a fun show, looking forward to seeing how they go with the rest of the season (and maybe they’ll release it on blu ray or something, cannot believe they haven’t yet :/ )

    Also looking forward to Agent Carter. I will pretty much watch anything Marvel produce (well, except for the latest season of Agents of SHIELD, it just got so silly). And I really do need to check out The Americans, I think it’s on Netflix here, I know I’ve seen it somewhere so will have to track it down.

    Yay for good tv!

    • Hurray for another Galavant fan! Among others, I’ve been enjoying seeing Downton Abbey actors pop up in such silly roles (like Hugh Bonneville as the pirate captain!). For what it’s worth, I thought this season of SHIELD (so far) has really built up some great dramatic character moments, and I’m loving it. Definitely check out The Americans if you can — it’s so, so good!

  4. I’m also looking forward to Downtown but no indication of when it will be shown in Australia. It’s actually one of the few series I’ve watched all of – I usually drop-if after a few seasons of something (in favour of reading, of course!).

    When I do watch tele it’s usually something incredibly mindless and inane – Real Housewives of Anywhere etc, so that I can read at the same time!

    The only show that I’ve spied and thought ‘I must watch that!’ is the BBC min-series of War and Peace.

    • Oh, the final season hasn’t aired yet in Australia? It’s funny, I have friends in the UK who have seen the whole thing at this point, and we only got it in the US as of last week. My UK friends are being kind enough not to share spoilers, but they’ve reassured me that it’s a great way to end the series. 🙂

      • Normally we get it at the same time as UK so not sure why it didn’t happen for the final season… Australia is in the fortunate position of often getting things at the same time as the UK and the US (is it because we’re in the middle?? Or that our audience size is insignificant and therefore doesn’t matter??).

  5. I’m all about Downton too. I’m SO excited about Black Sails, I had no idea it was coming on again so soon! Not complaining. And yay for GOT and Outlander. 😀

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