Cover Cousins #3

Everyone once in a while, a book cover will call to mind another for me… and when that happens, I think of them as Cover Cousins.

Here’s how I framed the concept for my first Cover Cousins post:

I love when I pick up a new book and am instantly reminded of another — not necessarily because the covers are the same, but more because there’s a common feeling to them, a style, a color pattern, an image. The connection may only be in my mind, but it’s something I really enjoy thinking about.

Here’s my newest set of Cover Cousins — first, a book that I read last year and loved:

girl with all the gifts

And now, two books whose covers immediately made me think of The Girl With All the Gifts:

The three books are all quite different when it comes to genre and content… but those yellow covers with a single, representational figure!

What do you think?

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