The Monday Check-In ~ 9/21/2015

cooltext1850356879 My Monday tradition, including a look back and a look ahead — what I read last week, what new books came my way, and what books are keeping me busy right now. Plus a smattering of other stuff too.

What did I read last week?


I finished reading Euphoria by Lily King, which my book group will be discussing starting this week. I didn’t end up writing a review, because I didn’t find myself having much to say about it. I didn’t feel terribly engaged with the characters until about halfway through, and while the storyline was often interesting, it just didn’t move me until close to the end.

After Euphoria, I started two different books, and have been bouncing between the two ever since! Scroll down the page to see the two books I’m currently reading.

Meanwhile, in the world of audiobooks:

Trigger Warning

I finished Neil Gaiman’s newest story collection, Trigger Warning. My review is here.

Elsewhere on the blog:

Shelf Control

I kicked off my new weekly feature, Shelf Control! You can view my initial post here. I think this is going to be lots of fun — please join in!

In real life:

Hey, hey, it’s my birthday! (Okay, my birthday was on Sunday.) We had a low-key day, featuring gorgeous blue skies and sunshine, a walk to the beach, lounging around on my back porch with a book and a big iced coffee, and in general, getting treated like a VIP by the males (junior and senior) of my household. Not a bad way to celebrate!


Fresh Catch:

The MarvelsHow to Be a Victorian

I’m excited for the new books that arrived this week! But since one can never have too many books (right? right!), I went to the public library’s annual book sale and came home with these as well:


Only four? I’m busy admiring my remarkable self-restraint.

What will I be reading during the coming week?

Currently in my hands:
Curious BeginningThe Hummingbird

I’m participating in the blog tour for The Hummingbird by Stephen P. Kiernan later this week, so keep an eye out for my review and tour post. Meanwhile, I started A Curious Beginning by Deanna Raybourn last week, and have read about 60% so far. I’m really enjoying it, and look forward to getting back to it!

Now playing via audiobook:

Unfamiliar Fishes

I’ve just started listening to Unfamiliar Fishes by Sarah Vowell, a rather light-hearted look at the history of Hawaii, touching on serious outcomes but with a somewhat snarky attitude. I don’t often go for non-fiction, but this is one that’s been on my to-read list for quite a while now.

Ongoing reads:


Moving right along! Two chapters per week for each book, as part of discussions with the Outlander Book Club. We’ll wrap up both in December!

So many book, so little time…


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