Wishlist Wednesday

Welcome to Wishlist Wednesday!

The concept is to post about one book from our wish lists that we can’t wait to read. Want to play? Here’s how:

  • Follow Pen to Paper as host of the meme.
  • Do a post about one book from your wishlist and why you want to read it.
  • Add your blog to the linky at the bottom of the post at Pen to Paper.
  • Put a link back to Pen to Paper somewhere in your post.
  • Visit the other blogs and enjoy!

My Wishlist Wednesday book is:

 The Abominable: A Novel

The Abominable by Dan Simmons
(to be released October 2013)

From Goodreads:

It’s 1926, and the desire to summit the world’s highest mountain has reached a fever-pitch among adventurers. Three young friends, eager to take their shot at the top, accept funding from a grieving mother whose son fell to his death on Mt. Everest two years earlier. But she refuses to believe he’s dead, and wants them to bring him back alive.

As they set off toward Everest, the men encounter other hikers who are seeking the boy’s body for their own mysterious reasons. What valuable item could he have been carrying? What is the truth behind the many disappearances on the mountain? As they journey to the top of the world, the three friends face abominable choices, actions–and possibly creatures. A bone-chilling, pulse-pounding story of supernatural suspense, THE ABOMINABLE is Dan Simmons at his best.

Why do I want to read this?

Sometimes, there’s nothing like a good horror story to really hit the spot! I haven’t read that much by Dan Simmons, but what I have been has been intense, disturbing, and scary. Perfect!

Plus, I’ve always been fascinated by Mt. Everest and the people who feel compelled to climb it. The idea of a horror novel centering on an early Everest expedition just sounds like something I’d love. Can’t wait!

So what are you doing on Thursdays and Fridays? Come join me for my regular weekly features, Thursday Quotables and Flashback Friday! You can find out more here — come share the book love!

12 thoughts on “Wishlist Wednesday

    • I’ve been trying to avoid buying hardcovers this year, but I might have to make an exception for this one! Thanks for stopping by.

  1. Intense, disturbing and scary…ahhh, sounds…awesome…No, seriously, thrillers are something I kind of want to try out. Mainly because I’d like to be that kick-ass, non-afraid, hardcore thriller fan girl. It’s just that…I guess I’ll stick with corny contemporary romance for a while 🙂 Anyway, thanks for sharing! If i ever feel brace enough, I’ll totally check this out!

    • Laura, maybe it’s an acquired taste? 🙂 Stick with what you love… you can be kick-ass even if you don’t read thrillers! But one of these days, when you want to give them a try, I know some good ones! Thanks for stopping by.

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