All the books I meant to read – 2021 edition

It’s time for my annual end-of-year tradition — all the books I meant to read! Here’s a look back at all the books I purchased in 2021, but just didn’t get around to reading for one reason or another.

To keep things simple, I’m focusing here on new physical books I bought or received as gifts — no ARCs, no e-books, no $1 books from the library sale or used copies picked up along the way.

Here’s a salute to my unread books of 2021!


Onward to 2022 — when I hope to get through all of these 2021 books that I’ve neglected so far.

Happy New Year!Save

29 thoughts on “All the books I meant to read – 2021 edition

  1. Happy New Year Lisa🙂🎆✨ some lovely books on your pile. The Anne retelling looks interesting; I’ve never seen those covers for Pat of Silverbush before; hope you enjoy them. Nice to see the Georgette Heyers as well. I really must get back to some of her romances. Lately I’ve been reading only her mysteries

  2. You have some amazing books on there. The Georgette Heyer is one of my favourites. Hope that you get round to reading at least some of them in 2022.

  3. I’m afraid to make a list of my meant-to-read books in 2021! I read And the Mountains Echoed and The River – liked them both in case you need some encouragement! Happy New Year and here’s to a great year of reading in 2022!

      • Honestly I am excited for you! I am looking forward to the next one coming out. Like you say though takling the backlog… I really should be looking at tackling my backlog. I got 14 new books for Christmas so they will probably come first – especially The Love Hypothesis and The Man Who Died Twice…

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