Outlander season 5!

Question: Who needs a little Outlander in their lives today?

Answer: We ALL do!

Or anyway, I do, and probably lots of others do too. So, yay for Starz and these pretty sneak peeks:

First off, the official key art for season 5:

And the new trailer:

And the new opening credits:

Can it PLEASE be February 16th already???

11 thoughts on “Outlander season 5!

  1. I got rid of my Starz subscription and I’m BEHIND. I was really thinking about getting that 6 month subscription for just $20 so I can watch season 4 before it gets behind but your post decided it. I had no idea season 5 was coming so soon!

    • Season 4 is so good! The $20 deal sounds like the way to go. 🙂 And now that I’m thinking about it, I wonder if I have time for a season 4 re-watch before February…

  2. I’m so excited for season five! I’ll have to wait for the DVD release, though. I don’t have Starz, and won’t get it for a single series. It’s okay…I read the book years ago, so there will be few surprises. I love how fantastically well done the TV series has been so far!

    • They really are doing a great job, and even when they deviate from the books, I’m mostly okay with the changes. Plus, visually, the show is just gorgeous!

      • The changes mostly try to stay true the overall ideals of the book, and they are so well done. One major change that I love is Murtagh surviving Culloden–and did he know, in the book, that Claire is from the future? I don’t think so, but I’m drawing a blank. Duncan Lacroix is awesome as Murtagh, so I’m delighted they didn’t kill him off.

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