All the books I meant to read – 2019 edition

I originally posted an “All the books I meant to read” wrap up in 2016… and forgot about it for a couple of years, but now it’s back! Here’s a look back at all the books I purchased in 2019, but just didn’t get around to reading for one reason or another.

To keep things simple, I’m focusing here on new physical books I bought or received as gifts — no ARCs, no e-books, no $1 books from the library sale.

Here’s a salute to my unread books of 2019!



15 thoughts on “All the books I meant to read – 2019 edition

    • I really can’t wait to start The Toll! I haven’t had much audiobook time the past two weeks, so it’s taking me longer than expected to finish listening to Thunderhead… but once I’m done, I’m definitely starting The Toll!

  1. Well, at least you have a great bunch to look forward to in the new year. 🙂 I also can’t believe I didn’t read Full Throttle. I really gotta squeeze that one in.

  2. I used to listen to Kate Bush – glad to see this book, Lisa. And I see you have The Grapes of Wrath on your list – I hope when you do read it that you like it as much as I did. Happy New Year!

    • I really meant to read The Coldest Winter as part of a reading challenge last year, but it just didn’t happen — but I 100% intend to read it in 2020!

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