Shelf Control #113: The Terror by Dan Simmons

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Title: The Terror
Author: Dan Simmons
Published: 2007
Length: 769 pages

What it’s about (synopsis via Goodreads):

The bestselling author of Ilium and Olympos transforms the true story of a legendary Arctic expedition into a thriller worthy of Stephen King or Patrick O’Brian.

Their captain’s insane vision of a Northwest Passage has kept the crewmen of The Terror trapped in Arctic ice for two years without a thaw. But the real threat to their survival isn’t the ever-shifting landscape of white, the provisions that have turned to poison before they open them, or the ship slowly buckling in the grip of the frozen ocean.

The real threat is whatever is out in the frigid darkness, stalking their ship, snatching one seaman at a time or whole crews, leaving bodies mangled horribly or missing forever. Captain Crozier takes over the expedition after the creature kills its original leader, Sir John Franklin.

Drawing equally on his own strengths as a seaman and the mystical beliefs of the Eskimo woman he’s rescued, Crozier sets a course on foot out of the Arctic and away from the insatiable beast. But every day the dwindling crew becomes more deranged and mutinous, until Crozier begins to fear there is no escape from an ever-more-inconceivable nightmare.

How and when I got it:

I’ve had this on my shelf for years — I’m not even sure at this point where or when I picked it up.

Why I want to read it:

Stories of Arctic exploration fascinate me, and add to that a terror element — well, I’m sold! I just rediscovered this on my bookshelf after seeing a trailer for the upcoming TV production, which looks awesome. Either I’ll read the book and then watch… or more likely, I’ll start watching, then decide if I’m interested enough to finally pick up the book.


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11 thoughts on “Shelf Control #113: The Terror by Dan Simmons

  1. I’m not big on Arctic explorations, but I wouldn’t mind reading this because Dan Simmons writes it. I read his Song of Kali a couple years ago and really liked it. It too is a thriller but set in India.

    • I have a copy of Song of Kali — also unread! I’ve read two other books by him, a vampire story (Children of the Night?) and Flashback, and thought both were really good.

      • A vampire story?? I didn’t know he wrote one of those. I’ll have to check it out because the mystery and anticipation in Song of Kali is what kept me on edge anticipating how things will turn out and questioning whether or not there was something sinister and supernatural in the story.

  2. Thank you for this weekly meme, I shall try and get organised and join your ranks! The book you have choosen looks interesting. I think sometimes books get lost in the ‘i have been sitting here for ages’ black hole and then more books get added to said shelves and they get pushed back, so
    this is ideal to have a good look at ones shelves and have a good ole delve!

  3. This sounds really good – and scary! I am also very interested in stories like this, especially the search for a northwest passage. How hard it must have been to live during a time when you couldn’t just pull up a Google map!

    • Oh yes, something about these men going off into the unknown, totally at the mercy of the weather and the environment — what an incredible amount of bravery it must have taken!

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