Let us now praise gorgeous books

My photos simply won’t do this book justice, but I still have to share. I was so excited to get this delivered this week:


It’s a brand new release — a graphic novel adaptation of the late, great Octavia Butler’s masterpiece Kindred.

A few more peeks:




I hope to start reading this graphic novel this week. Kindred is an amazing book — if you haven’t read the original novel, do it now!! I can’t wait to see if the power and intensity of the book translate well into graphic novel format.

I’ll let you know!

6 thoughts on “Let us now praise gorgeous books

  1. I’ve actually never read any of Octavia Butler’s books but I’ve been meaning to for a long while! I had no idea that they’ve been adapted into graphic novels, that’s so cool!

  2. I’m starting my first Octavia Butler book this week and I’m quite excited. Quite cool that they’ve been adapted!

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