My blog and my memes


So I’ve been thinking…

I’ve been blogging for over four years now. Hard to believe! My interest and energy levels have gone up and down over time, and right now I find myself in a phase where I’m not as willing to devote dedicated time to blogging, especially when it comes to blogging on a schedule.

I still enjoy writing book reviews, random other pieces, and participating in some regular, ongoing features. Where I’m having difficulty right now is with the “have to” parts of my weekly schedule. Because I host two memes, I feel obligated to get my posts up every week, on time, no matter what. And frankly, lately it’s been feeling like a chore.

The thing is, I really like my memes and the concepts — and when I’m in the mood, it’s a lot of fun.

My two active memes at the moment are:

Shelf ControlShelf Control: Every Wednesday, highlighting books on the shelf — basically a chance to feature books that we already own but haven’t read yet.







quotation-marks4Thursday Quotables: Highlighting a great quote or passage from the current week’s reading.







And, gone but not forgotten:

ffbutton2Flashback Friday (which needs a better icon): This one has been on hiatus since last year, but I may bring it back from time to time. The point of Flashback Friday is to feature a book from our reading pasts, something published at least 5 years ago, and talk about why it’s special and why people should still read it. I really had fun doing this one, but eventually got a bit burned out and decided to put it on pause for a while.


My problem at the moment is that sticking to a weekly posting obligation — coming up with a Shelf Control post every Wednesday and a Thursday Quotables post every Thursday — has lately started to feel like work, not fun. Which makes me want to reconsider how, when, and why I do all of these.

I don’t particularly want to give them up — but I’m not sure I want to continue feeling like these posts are a chore than I must complete no matter what.

Maybe one solution is to take them out of “meme” world and just continue doing these type of posts when the spirit moves me — so if I do them as a feature on my own blog, rather than setting them up with linky sign-ups and encouraging others to post, then I have no obligation to stick to a schedule.

Or I suppose I could make one or more a monthly meme, rather than weekly.

I’ve also considered putting one or more of these memes/features up for “adoption” — seeing if anyone else would like to host, instead of me.

Basically, I’m back to the complaint that most bloggers have at one time or another. When blogging feels like work rather than play, for me at least, it means something isn’t working.

I don’t blog for money or fame or glory — good thing, since I’m not getting any of those! I just blog because I enjoy it — the creativity, the writing process, the sharing, and the community. When it stops being fun, I need to change my ways.

Which brings me back to the main issue of this post — what to do about my memes. I’m riding out my inclination to stop for now. I’m going to stick with things as is for at least a few more weeks, to see if I’m just in a temporary rut or if I really want to change things up.

But I’m looking for input too. Do you have regular features on your blog, and if so, what do you do when you start to lose interest?

Any suggestions for me and the future of my memes?

I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts!


20 thoughts on “My blog and my memes

  1. Those are some pretty awesome memes! I always tell people that if you started a blog for fun, don’t let that change. So if you’re stressed either reduce the frequency like you said or just do it when you’re in the mood! You said you enjoy random posts so if that’s what makes you happy, do that! I have a weekly meme as well but I guess I haven’t lost interest because the meme itself changes every week because it involves ANYTHING bookish (if that makes sense).

    Offering them up for adoption might work but would you be completely okay with letting it go? Either way, you should really focus on what makes you excited to blog 🙂

  2. I am still rather new, so I am not sure how much valuable feedback I can offer. I completely understand about when things feel more like work than fun though.

    I currently have one regular post on Sundays. I just added two new features, but one is only through the holidays. The other I have yet to commit to a specific schedule just yet. Neither involve hosting though, so if it is late or doesn’t happen it is only driving my obsessive side crazy 😛 I try to with my health and other obligations to remind myself not to promise too much.

    If you have quite a large amount of followers who participate in the memes, maybe finding one of your most dedicated to temporarily adopt them would give you a nice break. Or just take a break. I do not think anyone could fault you for needing one 😊

    Love your blog btw!

    • Thank you so much! I definitely don’t have a ton of participants in the memes, just a small handful who come and go… so I’m not sure how much it would matter to anyone else if I change the schedule or posted less frequently. I appreciate your thoughts on this!

  3. I like the idea of switching to monthly — assuming it works for you. I used to participate in more memes (including your Shelf Control!) but weekly participation started to feel like a chore after a while, so I can image how weekly hosting must feel at times. Personally, I would seriously consider rejoining if it were only once a month. I burn out of ideas and then feel like I’m not posting something meaningful weekly. But again — whatever the decision is, it has to be right for you, first and foremost!

    • Thanks so much for your support! I’m really on the fence, obviously. I still really like my concepts and mostly have fun — but especially when there’s a lot of other stress in my life, the idea of one more commitment can get to be way too much. Thanks for your input!

  4. I think it would be such a shame if you should end the memes, but I understand that it may be a chore. Personally, although I love the Thursday Quotables, I only partecipate occasionally because I don’t read enough books to have a Thursday Quotables a week. It may be the same for other people and so it may be one reason why only few regulars partecipate.

    I also understand that the rhythm and goals of blogging may change over time. That’s what’s happened to me. My goal is changed to a point that at the begging of this year, when I changed my theme, I also cleaned up the blog, taking from view most of the old posts. I’m also scaling down the number of posts per month, because I want to concentrate on viewer but more dense articles.

    Maybe you should think about what you really really want to keep and then reimagine your blog around those view features.

    • Thanks for the suggestions! I appreciate your thoughts. I do need to do some reimagining… and I’m hoping that simply getting to a less stressful period in my life over the holidays will let me relax and think about it some more.

  5. Hi Lisa, I’m not a blogger but I am a regular reader of your blog and an avid book reader. I enjoy each of your daily posts. The Monday check-in is my favorite blog-read of the week. If you stopped the Weds and Thursday memes or just did them when the mood strikes it would be fine. If the schedule isn’t fun anymore, then change it up to what is fun for you. We’re along for the ride.

    • Thank you so much! Very sweet and supportive comments — I appreciate it! To be honest, my Monday posts are my favorite to do. It’s such fun to reflect on each week and plan ahead a bit. Maybe I should give some thought to why I enjoy those more than some of my other weekly posts and think about what changes would make sense. I hope you’re having a great week!

      • I think the Monday posts are great probably because you throw a little bit of yourself in there too. It’s enjoyable to see your summary and what’s up next. Anyway, whatever you do, I hope you’ll just keep blogging! I’ve found a lot of good books through your reviews!

  6. I wouldn’t say that they are memes, but I do structure my posts into categories and I feel the way you do at times that I feel the need to get the post out no matter what. I used to post every Tuesday a “TV Tuesday” post and that go very stressful to do. I’ve cut it to every other week, or sometimes I do something related to TV, or a tag if I don’t have content, sometimes I don’t post at all to just take a break, because we all need a break every once in a while!

  7. I would suggest doing it less on a consistent basis and more on a when you feel like it. I have a few normal weekly posts that I’m starting to feel the same about and posting less on a schedule and more when I’m feeling inspired has been helping me. 🙂

    • That’s great to know. I think I may end up deciding not to decide 🙂 — just see how I feel after the new year and go with whatever suits me at the moment. Being less scheduled and more on a “when you feel like it” basis sounds like heaven at the moment.

  8. I know the feeling well Lisa. After 7 yrs my blogging habits have waxed & waned many times now.

    I’ve stopped doing yearly challenges & now just stick to spontaneous readalong and events like Dewey’s readathon. I participate in weekly memes when the mood strikes or time allows – which wasn’t very much at all this year.

    I loved your Friday Flashback meme too, but struggled to do it every Friday.

    I hope you can find a happy medium for you. Blogging should be fun, taking a step back over the Christmas holiday period could give you some time to reassess.
    After a month off you may come back re-energised or with new ideas.

    Best wishes

    • Thanks, Brona! I really appreciate hearing your thoughts on this, with so many years of blogging experience to your credit! I really am looking for the right balance, and may tinker with it a bit. Thanks for mentioning Flashback Friday — I enjoyed it too, but it got to be too big a burden on a weekly basis.

      I hope you have a happy new year!

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