Bookish Goodies: Serial Reader app


Anyone out there using the Serial Reader app?

And more importantly, why am I only discovering it now?

Less than 24 hours ago, I stumbled across Serial Reader, and I think it’s going to change my life.

IMG_3905This very cool app (cool, as in, perfect for book geeks like me) seems like the ideal way to tackle those big, heavy classics that you’ve always vowed to get to… eventually. When you have nothing else to do. Hey wait, doesn’t the oven need cleaning?

I digress.

Serial Reader lets you subscribe to a book, set your delivery time, and then receive daily chunks of the book to read. There are tons and tons of titles to choose from, including classics in genres such as fantasy, gothic, and adventure, as well as quirkier categories like “Lost Worlds”, “The High Seas”, and “Retro Futurism”.

I think it’s all rather brilliant, to be honest. Each daily chunk is meant to take about 10 minutes or so. And hey, even if I’m juggling a few other hot reads right now, I can surely fit in 10 minutes for a bite of a classic, right?

IMG_3906At the moment, I’m thinking about biting the bullet and starting Moby Dick. Crazy, right? I watched In the Heart of the Sea last night (good movie!), and started thinking about what a shame it is that I never was exposed to Moby Dick back in my school days… and from there, after poking around online for a bit, I stumbled across a mention of reading Moby Dick via Serial Reader.

According to the app, the book is broken down into 79 “issues”. This might seem a bit daunting, but for the $2.99 upgrade option, there’s a pause option — which means that if I want to take a break during a busy week and come back to it, I can!

I haven’t quite made up my mind to go for it, at least as far as Moby Dick is concerned. Maybe I’ll end up choosing a different book instead. But either way, I think Serial Reader sounds like a lot of fun, and it definitely seems like an awesome way to make big, intimidating books seem a lot more friendly.

Have you tried Serial Reader? Does this sound like something you’d enjoy?

Wish me luck! If (when) I get started, I’ll definitely report back!


What do you think? Should I go for it?


29 thoughts on “Bookish Goodies: Serial Reader app

  1. Very interesting! I am HORRIBLE about reading most classics. I am so intimidated by them…I gave up on ever reading Moby Dick years ago.

    I think I will be looking this app up, because this looks AMAZING…I’m sold! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Ooh, if you give it a try, I want to hear how it works for you! I read classics on my own from time to time, but there are certain books that just seem too overwhelming to even start, so I’m really looking forward to giving this app a try. πŸ™‚

  2. ohhh i’m intrigued. I’ll admit that I tried Moby Dick and got to the uber long chapter about the different types of whales and then got distracted. Ditto with Les Mis when I tried it

    • Ha, I read Les Mis years ago when I had just moved to a new town, had no job, and literally had nothing to do but read. πŸ™‚ Those never-ending chapters about Parisian sewers almost did me in.

  3. I just finished the first section of The Time Machine. I have to say, I rather like it. It’s a manageable chunk, and because I haven’t yet upgraded, there is little temptation to read ahead and burn myself out. Though, admittedly, the whole book is short…only 14 sections, so 14 chapters?

    • No Tolkien yet, unfortunately — all of the books are older books that are in the public domain. But there are tons to choose from! I feel like this will finally get me to read books on my “should read” list that I’ve never found time to start.

  4. UM this is the first I’ve heard about this as well. I love it though and I’m downloading it immediately. πŸ˜€

    • I’m loving Moby Dick so far (although I’ve hit a pretty dull patch just now) — but I can see really enjoying this app for other books too. I might give Great Expectations a try next. I’ve been vowing to read it for years!

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  6. I think this app sound wonderful, especially since one of my goals is to read all the classics (maybe I’ll do it?). As for Moby Dick, I can say that I actually finished it last year… After having set it aside for awhile. Good luck.

    • ALL the classics? πŸ™‚ LOL, that’s quite a goal! I’m making pretty good progress with Moby Dick (I’m at 58%), and I’m enjoying it. I suppose reading it this way means that I’m not really digging in too deep or studying it, but it’s better than never reading it at all!

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