BabyLit: Classics for Kids!

All together now: Awwwwwwww. Are these the cutest things or what?


Author Jennifer Adams and artist Alison Oliver have created the most adorable board books, sure to please every bookworm of a parent who’s just dying to share their love of literature with their little ones.

These two are the newest in their BabyLit series, and they’re totally precious. We have “Little Miss Austen” with Emma, teaching toddlers all about emotions with pages such as these:

Also featured are Emma being excited, Miss Taylor happy, and a very angry and red-faced Mr. Elton.

In the pirate world, we learn about shapes with “Little Master Louis Stevenson” and Treasure Island, with pictures of the Admiral Benbow inn, a treasure chest, Long John Silver, and a parrot, along with:


Have I used the words “adorable”, “cute”, and “precious” already? I’m running out of ways to say it. These board books are bright and colorful and are sure to catch the eyes of babies and toddlers… and meanwhile, bookloving adults can chuckle and appreciate that even if they’re too busy with diapers and bottles to sit and read, at least they can get a little flavor of the classics with the BabyLit books.

These are only two of the ADORABLE (yup, still using that word) books in the collection. Check out the BabyLit website for much, much more. Because all toddlers with taste need Moby Dick and Romeo and Juliet in board book form.

One more time: Awwwwwwww.

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