Counting up the books: October update

In early September, I wrote a post called Counting Up the Books, in which I combined two things I love: BOOKS and NUMBERS.

I tallied up just how many unread books there are in my house, which gave me a rather scary number. My September book count looked like this:

Book Math 1

After that, I decided to do a Book Count including just the unread physical fiction books and graphic novels in my house, changing the outcome to look like this:

Book Math 2

Now that a month has gone by, I’m realizing that I need to stick the Kindle number back into my count. The Kindle books may not take up space on my overcrowded bookshelves, but they’re still there cluttering up my virtual shelves… besides which, they’re all books that I wanted to read in the first place, so I should really get to them.

Let’s do the math for October, adding in new acquisitions (yes, dammit, I’m still buying books!) and subtracting books that I’ve donated or otherwise given away or traded in.

Book count 102015

So there you have it! Yes, I did read some books from my shelves during the past month, but I also kept adding books to the collection, so my numbers didn’t really go down in any significant way.

But I’ll keep moving forward!

How are your shelves doing this month?

Don’t forget to join me for Shelf Control on Wednesdays, where we highlight books from our shelves that we really want to read!

10 thoughts on “Counting up the books: October update

  1. I have very few ebooks since it’s not my preferred format, but when I did a recent culling, I deleted a whole bunch (mostly freebies!) after admitting I’d never read them. I agree that they are still lingering around even though they don’t take up physical space. It felt good to clean up my (smallish) e-library and knock a few off my TBR that were only ever there because I got the ebook for free. And I’m all for culling to counteract the acquisition of a few new titles — helps keep the number going the right direction, even if a few new books are just too tempting to pass up!

    • I haven’t actually deleted many books from my e-book library, but I did a whole bunch off my to-read spreadsheet after realizing how unlikely it was that I’d ever read them (mostly freebies and outdated ARCS, also a few impulse/cheap buys that I’m not that interested in.) I took one big bag of physical books to my library for donation, left a few at work on our book swap shelf, and I’m now doing another pass at pulling books to try to sell to the used book store. It does feel good to take a little bit of control!

  2. Congratulations on getting the number down! *cough* I have to say, mine isn’t faring too well… I can’t quite get to the ones actually ON my tbr shelf, other books keep popping up *winces* I know, I know! Totally book-a-holic! You and Chuckles The Scott should really get together 🙂 they do a count down challenge too! It’s make an excellent joint post. I love these kinds of posts, he he.

    P.S. My shelf is… slightly higher than yours… and I don’t even have all the books I want to read ON my list! Eep!!! I’m scared to even look at it 😥 it scares me…

    Keep up the excellent work! Have a glass of champagne girl!
    Amy x

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