So over it

Do you ever get to the point in your reading that if you pick up ONE MORE BOOK about [insert your most over-exposed genre here], you’ll simply run screaming into the night?


Just me?

I think not.

We all have those moments, I’m pretty sure. Call it genre burn-out, plot overdose, or simply too much of a good thing — but I’d be surprised if there are any avid bookworms out there who haven’t had these moments in their bookish lives.

Some readers find a genre or subject or style that they love, and that’s all they want to read. And there’s nothing wrong with that! If you like what you like, and you’re happy reading what you like, go for it!

It just doesn’t work for me.

I guess I’m a hopper. I can’t read any one genre, any one setting, any one time period for more than a few books before I start getting a little batty. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of taking a break or switching things up. Sure, I’ll read a horror book or two, but then I’ll need to switch off with a historical novel, a contemporary love story, or a thriller or two before I’ll even consider horror again. Variety is the spice of life.

Still, there are certains types of books that I am JUST SO OVER at the moment, and I can’t imagine wanting to read more of these… is ever too strong a statement? Well, at least for a long, long time.

I am SO OVER… anything you might describe as “dystopian”. I don’t want weirdly artificial social groupings. No bizarre rituals to select careers, spouses, or social castes. No common objects or foods that are randomly illegal in a future society. No battles to the death for survival, no high-tech arenas or stages, no bizarre contests of wits or strength in order to be selected for… anything.

I am SO OVER… historical novels with a split timeline framework. A 21st century woman finds [insert <relic/artwork/journal/rare book/other old-timey-thing-of-value> here] — and then, poof! wouldn’t you know it, the very next chapter is all about the 18th or 16th or 12th or whatever-th century woman who originally owned or handled or created that MacGuffin-ish thing.*

*Carving out a very big exception here for Susanna Kearsley, because I love her books no matter what, and if she keeps writing dual timeline novels, I’ll keep reading ’em. Period.

I am SO OVER… YA novels in which a geeky/shy/not-exactly-popular ordinary boy winds up in the orbit of a mysterious, slightly damaged, unforgettable wild girl. And his life will never be the same. No more. Just no.

These are my “over it” types of books at the moment, although I’m sure if you asked me again in two months, I might come up with something completely different that I’m just so over.

What about you? What type of book are you just done with? Is there a particular storyline or plot device that you never want to see again?

Share your thoughts!

28 thoughts on “So over it

  1. I can relate to it Lisa!! I had over dose of Sci-Fi two years ago!! din’t want to read more of it.. and I guess I haven’t read one for a while too long πŸ™‚

  2. You’re definitely not alone in this! This is the reason I love my Kindle. I can carry as many books as I like without the weight and bulk, and when I have moments like this I can just switch books! πŸ™‚

  3. Definitely guilty of this too! For me it’s more of an entire genre – a few years ago I got “so over” chick lit and cannot abide it anymore. I make an exception for my all-time favorite authors who are guaranteed to make me laugh, but otherwise just the “group of women friends in their *insert age group here* with kids/husbands/horrible jobs/in need of a wardrobe renewal/etc” just makes me cringe. The same applies for the kind of YA that features high doses of high school drama.

  4. Great post πŸ˜€ At the moment mine is anything with magic in it, whether it be fantasy or an urban supernatural novel. I pushed myself too hard a few weeks back with these type of books for the blog and now I don’t even want to look at them lol. It’s been two weeks now so I MIGHT dip my toes back in…

    • It’s nice sometimes to take a good long break from something I’ve read too much of…sometimes it actually feels good to go back after a while!

    • Oh, so true! There seem to be so many books like that lately… and also about famous people’s servants — their maids, their dressers, etc. Ugh.

  5. This has never happened to me, but I suppose this is because I’m such a slow reader that I don’t have the the physical time to get burn-out on anything πŸ˜‰
    But I suppose fast, busy readers like you are easily subject to this.

    Only thing I get weary of is bad writing… but that’s a different story.

    • Well, bad writing is a deal-breaker no matter what, especially since it’s so distracting! And anything that makes me focus on word usage and punctuation rather than the characters and plot is just not going to add up to a good reading experience.

  6. I have this feeling about WWII books. Just on overload and need a break. But there’s so many books on recommended lists-ugggh

    • Very true — I get burned out on particular eras if I’ve read too many. For me lately, it’s WWI, actually. I feel like I’ve read a whole bunch lately about women involved in WWI in one way or another, and the settings all start to feel repetitive after a while.

  7. Great post. Personally, I don’t really get tired of any one genre. I love dystopian. That being said, I do like jumping around different genres to read about different things. So even if I am not over the dystopian genre, I am not always in the mood to read it if that makes sense.

    • Makes total sense to me! There are definitely times when I read a book when I’m just not in the mood for the subject or the genre, and I always end up regretting it.

  8. I can relate…I think the dystopian thing feels so much worse at the minute because there are so many film adaptations out at the minute! I also had it recently with an author…I generally love Philippa Gregory but when I read her latest novel I just found myself thinking “I’ve read this from you before!”

    • Oh, Philippa Gregory — I read a few of her books and enjoyed them, and then I must have reached a tipping point or something because I just couldn’t take any more! Too much of the same, even with different characters and historical figures. There are some authors I’ll read forever, but definitely some where nothing feels new any more. I think you’re right, too, about the movie adaptations of all those YA dystopian books. No wonder it feels like too much! Thanks so much for your comments!

  9. I’m a book hopper too! I can’t really say there is a type I NEVER want to read again, but if I read too many similar books I NEED to move onto something totally different — if/when I return to the type of book I’m tired of, I usually will like it again if I have given myself some space!

    • I find that too, sometimes — if I take a break from a certain type of book or from an over-read author, sometimes I’ll find myself interested again. Depends how much (too much) I’d read in the first place!

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