Outlandish Obsessions

Let’s see. In about 9 hours… no, make that 8 hours and 45 minutes… I’ll finally be watching the new Outlander episode!


After six months of “Droughtlander”, the 2nd half of the first season starts today. Finally! I’ve been pretty calm for most of the past six months, but for the last week, my excitement has been building — as evidenced by randomly working Outlander into every possible conversation, madly rewatching the first 8 episodes, and picking up my battered old copy of Outlander and reading all the relevant chapters for tonight’s episode one more time!

How obsessed am I? Well, just for fun (and to distract myself from counting down the hours until tonight’s episode), I decided to take stock of all of my Outlander-related books. Turns out, I have quite a few!

misc 135

Breaking it down a bit, I have five copies of Outlander itself, including a signed hardcover (in blue), the 20th anniversary edition hardcover (in red), the battered old paperback (only $3.99, according to the cover!) that was my first introduction to all this madness, a newer paperback in better condition, and the TV tie-in version, because who can resist?

misc 131

Then there are all the other books, which I have in both large-sized paperbacks and mass market paperbacks:

misc 130misc 136

Just how many copies of An Echo in the Bone do I have? Well, three. Because I also needed the UK version, which has some reference pieces at the back not included in the US editions.

misc 134

Speaking of reference, Diana Gabaldon has just released a newly revised edition of The Outlandish Companion, volume I… so yeah, now I have the old and the new versions:

misc 129

There are also some miscellaneous items, like The Exile (a graphic novel retelling of Outlander), audiobook CDs of one of the Lord John books, and then (score!), Hebrew editions of Outlander and Dragonfly in Amber, picked up on my last trip to Israel after much scouring of bookstores. (FYI, those are the only two books in the series — so far — available in Hebrew; otherwise, I’d have more. Believe me, I looked for them!)

misc 133

What else is on my super-duper, magical Outlander shelf? The Lord John books, a few anthologies that include Outlander novellas, hardcovers of The Scottish Prisoner and Written in My Own Heart’s Blood, and the collected novellas found in A Trail of Fire.

All in all, I count 34 Outlander-ish books currently in my house… which does not even take into account the fact that I have Kindle editions of them all as well. Because you never know when you’ll be away from home and in sudden, desperate need of looking up a good Jamie-ism or two!

Insanity? Devotion? I suppose it’s all a matter of perspective. I can safely say that I have more Gabaldon books in my house than books by any other author. Except maybe J. K. Rowling, but that’s counting my kids’ bookshelves as well as my own, and I’m not sure that’s fair.

And look! After taking all these photos and writing this post, I only have 8 hours and 3 minutes to go! Thank you for allowing me to share my madness with you for this little while.

Now what am I going to do?

Watch clips of the stars being adorable?

Head out to the store for a bottle of whiskey? Re-read the Outlander article in the newest Entertainment Weekly? Go gaze at picture of the Scottish Highlands on Pinterest? The possibilities are endless!

Thank you, EW! This one's a keeper.

Thank you, EW! This one’s a keeper.

Or maybe just keep watching previews, over and over, until 9 pm rolls around.


11 thoughts on “Outlandish Obsessions

    • Hurray! Another fan! I just realized that the new episode is already available on demand… but at this point, I’m going to wait until tonight when my house will be quieter and I can really enjoy it. But it’s so hard to wait…

      • I have such a hard time watching an episode and having to wait a full week for a new one so I usually just wait until the season is released on DVD before I watch it so I can binge watch it. I’ve already watched first season twice through now! 🙂

  1. I have…never read or watched anything Outlander (I’m not going to ask you if I should, that would be a silly question!) but I am very impressed by your collection! We all have our interests, right? 😉

    • Ha, yes indeed, a silly question! 🙂 I love hearing about other people’s fandoms and pop-culture obsessions… scratch the surface, and you find a raving Marvel fan or a Doctor Who maniac, sometimes where you least expect it!

    • I was worried about the same thing at first (I’m definitely not a swords and corsets reader!), but what can I say? The characters are amazing, and I love the historical elements. The main character (Claire!) is smart, strong, and defiant, and I just love her to pieces. I can accept that it’s not for everyone (which some Outlander fans this is crazy!), but I never stop recommending it. 🙂

  2. Oooh I sure do love that coffee mug! 🙂 Awww I used to have that exact copy of Dragonfly in Amber and Voyager. I had the same version in the original Outlander too but I let someone borrow it and that was like 8 years ago. *sigh* I remember my copy of Voyager was so well-read that the spine had literally split in half. I recently invested in the first Outlander on ebook in hopes I could give myself a re-read that I’ve been longing for. 🙂 Soon, maybe. I also have the first two Lord John books that I haven’t yet read… did you like those too?

    • I think I got the mug (and a matching T-shirt!) via CafePress — but I understand that a lot of Outlander-related stuff has been removed now. My copy of ABoSaA is literally falling apart at the seams — some of the center pages are completely detached, so if I ever drop the book, I’ll be in big trouble. I’ve been re-reading the 1st book in chunks to match each week’s episodes, which is pretty fun even though it’s making me hyper-aware of every little deviation from print to screen. I did like all of the Lord John books. They’re very different in tone and scope, but really enjoyable. I actually think audio is the way to go with the Lord John books — the narrator is amazing, and he really captures John’s humor and dry delivery perfectly, made me much more invested in the character than I had been. (Ha, see what happens? Get me talking about Outlander, and I never shut up!)

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