The Book Blog Meme Directory: An update

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In July 2013, I launched a new page here at Bookshelf Fantasies: the Book Blog Meme Directory. The purpose of the Directory is to collect information and links for all sorts of bookish memes, providing a resource for book bloggers looking for new and different ways to connect with other bloggers, share some bookish love, and have fun!

We’re up to almost 70 memes as of now, and the list keeps growing!

I realized this week, while adding a few new memes, that I haven’t actually written an update post since launching the Directory.

So here I am, once again asking for your help:

Do you host a meme? Do you have a favorite meme that you participate in? Do you know of a great meme I should check out? I’m always looking for new additions!

Any additions should:

So, for purposes of this Directory, let’s include any regular ongoing features that encourage bloggers to join in, participate by writing their own posts, link back from their own blogs, and visit other participants’ blogs as well.

  • Have something to do with books, book blogging, or reading.
  • Must be up and running (so please don’t ask me to add a meme that you’re planning for the future; let’s add it once it’s “live”).

Frequently asked question: Is my feature a meme? Quick test: Is this a weekly theme that you – and only you – use for your own weekly postings, specific to your own blog? Sounds like a feature. Is this something you host and invite others to participate in by posting on their own blogs and linking back to yours? Sounds like a meme.

To add a meme to the Directory, the simplest thing to do is to submit your information (whether you’re a meme host or participant) through my Contact page. I’ll confirm back to you once the Directory has been updated.

I only ask two things of folks whose memes I add:

1) Keep it up to date! If you change domains, change the details of your meme, add a new graphic, switch hosts or days of the week, etc — just let me know! I want to make sure the info in the Directory is current, and make sure that people who want to play along can find you!

2) If your meme is listed, would you be so kind as to say so on your blog? I’d really appreciate it if you’d either post my Directory button (available at the bottom of the Book Blog Meme Directory page) or post a link so your readers can find the Directory. Many thanks to you!

Final note: One area of the Directory that I haven’t fully pursued yet is a challenges section. By request, I’ve added listings for reading challenges, but haven’t gone all out to find new ones to add. If you do want me to add a reading challenge that you’re hosting, just let me know.

I hope you’ve all been finding the Book Blog Meme Directory helpful! Thank you to all who have shared information up to now. It’s great fun to hear about so many interesting, unusual, and quirky ways for book lovers to interact — let’s keep it growing!


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