In praise of the BBF! (Hint: it’s book-related… )

Sure, we may have BFFs. Some of us may have BFs. But do you have a BBF?

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BBF: Best Book Friend.

Snazzy, huh? I thought I was being clever when I came up with it, although I’m sure lots of others have thought of it too…

What’s a BBF?

lincoln quoteCall ’em book soulmates, book buddies, book mates… a BBF is the person who totally *gets* you when it comes to books. The person who recommends a book to you that ends up being your can’t-live-without, favorite book ever. Someone who loves your favorite genres… and gets snobby about the same stuff too! The person who knows better than to ever suggest certain books — you know, the books you’d rather stick hot pokers in your eyes than read. The person who, when you hand them a book and say “read this!”, just takes it and reads it because if you loved it, he/she will love it too.

That special someone who loves books every bit as much as you do, loves to talk about books, and gets all fluttery and fan-girly about just the same stuff that you do!

For me, I’d say I have real-life BBFs and online BBFs… and I love ’em all!

First, there’s my real-life friend who loves most of the same books as I do, rolls her eyes — affectionately — at me when I go off on a random tangent yet again about Outlander, and doesn’t mind too much when I roll my eyes at her book-obsession-ravings. I’m crazier about certain time-travel books *ahem* than she is, and she almost never reads YA. She loves horror, the weirder the better, and is a big fan of short stories — all of which I tolerate, but don’t really go for. Still, our tastes are about 90% in sync, plus we fangirl out over the same TV shows and other geeky loves, and I can always count on her for company at a book signing or the library’s big book sale (especially if I’m providing the ride home).

Then there are my online friends. There are at least two people I know only via an online book group, who have yet to steer me wrong. One recommends simply awesome historical fiction, and always has smart, on-target comments and insights about whatever we’re reading. The other is a well-read librarian who loves all sorts of wonderful genres, and in particular has introduced me to some of my very favorite graphic novels. Basically, whenever either of these two super-smart women praises a book on Goodreads, I automatically click “want to read”… and then hurry to get my hands on a copy.

elephant readFinally, last but not least, are the book bloggers who feel like totally sympatico BBFs. (I love all of y’all, by the way! xoxo) There are plenty of book blogs that I enjoy, and I’m finding more every day. There are some blogs I love to read because the writing is sharp, funny, snarky, or just totally out-there in a way that appeals to my own quirkiness — even if we don’t tend to have them same taste in books. But in the BBF column, there are a handful of bloggers who just pick out the most amazing assortment of books consistently, either loving the books I already love to pieces, or recommending books that sound right up my alley, even if I’ve never heard of the title or the author before — and those are my go-to people whose posts I always read (and who I blame for the sorry state of my TBR piles).

As one of my favorite sayings sums it up:

Stone quote

Who are your BBFs? And have you told them recently how much you appreciate them?

To all my BBFs out there: Wishing you stacks of good books and plenty of hours in which to read them! With hugs and chocolate, a good reading lamp and a cozy chair, and a super-cute bookmark or two…

5 thoughts on “In praise of the BBF! (Hint: it’s book-related… )

  1. Aww, this is a really cute post! πŸ˜€ I don’t have identified BBFs, but I have a bunch of book blogging friends who like similar titles. And we recommend each other cool stuff, so there’s that! πŸ˜€

    • Thanks! I got inspired for this post this week, when one of my go-to book people recommended a book and I just automatically picked it up from the library, because of course I’d read whatever she recommends! This was a fun one… and the closest I’ll come to a gushy Valentine’s Day post! πŸ™‚

  2. I can’t say that I have any BBFs, either online or in real life. My tastes are just a little too random to really match up with any one person. But, when it comes to just talking and getting excited about books in general or particular books we share… that opens it up a bit more.

    • Oh yes, what constitutes a BBF is totally open to interpretation! πŸ™‚ There’s no one I match 100%… but just a few really valued individuals who suit me enough that I always pay attention to what they recommend!

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