Thursday Quotables: A Small Death in the Great Glen


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This week’s Thursday Quotable:

Joanne went into a dwam*, floating with the gull. Floating over the castle braes, over the river, across to the cathedral without a single wing movement, he (for it always seemed a him to her) drifted on toward the infirmary, back over to the war memorial, disappearing into the tangle of the Islands.

She could feel herself nestling into the shoulders of the gull, oily satin-smooth feathers smelling of fish. Up into the thermals they floated, taking in the river, the town, the hills, the mountains, the Great Glen, the faultline that fractured the Highlands. Peaks and scree-strewn ridgelines were mirrored in the ribbon of deep dark lochs. Glens clad in a  faded tartan of heather and bracken with splashes of green outlining abandoned crofts emptied by the Clearances** were cut deep by drunken burns and rivers. A fierce and stunning landscape; it made Joanne want to sing.

*Dwam: Scottish term for “daydream” or “reverie”.

**The Highland Clearances. See Wikipedia for info.

Source:  A Small Death in the Great Glen
Author: A. D. Scott
Atria, 2010

Sigh. I just love this description of the Scottish Highlands — one of my dream destinations!

What lines made you laugh, cry, or gasp this week? Do tell!

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