Input, please! Looking for a few opinions…

Lend a booklover a hand, would ya?

I’d love to get some opinions on a recurring feature here at Bookshelf Fantasies.

Going back to almost the beginning of my blogging days, I’ve been running a feature called The Monday Agenda on (drumroll, please) Mondays. My initial idea related to Mondays being the start of the workweek, so I thought the concept of an “agenda” would fit. My Monday Agenda posts started out as a sort of reading plan for the upcoming week, identifying the 3 or 4 books I planned to read, and providing an update on the progress I made on the previous week’s agenda.

Well, I’m trying to move away from doing too much advance planning these days. I like the freedom of picking my reading one book at a time, and have been shifting my Monday posts to reflect that. And so, The Monday Agenda doesn’t necessarily feel like the right title any more.

So help me out, and chime in! Please take a moment to share your opinion in the poll below, and feel free to add any thoughts in the comments.

Thank you! And may the gods of good books be eternally kind to you!

13 thoughts on “Input, please! Looking for a few opinions…

  1. I picked Monday Check-In, but I think it also depends on what you want to do in the feature. If you want to recap about the previous week or talk about where you are at in the reading pile, I think that’s a great title, but if you wanted to talk more about books or do a book discussion post on mondays, I think the Monday Book Pile is a better fit or Monday Book Chat.

    • Thanks for the input! I’m leaning toward check-in right now, since the overall theme is a status update — what happened last week, what’s going on now, features to look forward to, etc.

  2. Hi! 🙂 I like the Monday Agenda because it pretty accurately describes what you’re talking about in the post but its cool if you want to change the name because changes are what keep blogs interesting right? 😀

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